Frequently Asked Questions

A white labeled food delivery app is a platform that allows businesses to create their own branded version of a food delivery service. These types of apps are typically customizable, allowing businesses to add their own branding, logo, and menu options.
A white labeled food delivery app works by allowing customers to place orders for food from participating restaurants through the app. The app then coordinates with the restaurant to prepare and deliver the order to the customer's location.
On custom plan you can have your own custom changes.
The cost of using a white labeled food delivery app can vary depending on the specific app and the features and customization options you choose. check our pricing.
A white labeled food delivery app can be a good choice for businesses that want to offer a convenient and easy-to-use food delivery service to their customers. However, it is important to consider your business goals and resources, as well as the costs and requirements of using a white labeled app, before making a decision.
No Recurring charges for an year , Post that there will be INR 2500/month on a flat rate as AWS Server charges, which you can pay annually .
We don't charge you on your success. Whatever sales you made its untouched by us, We are working on a subscription bases with a setup charge.
All your data will be on AWS Cloud instances Manages by plattero.
For delivery services there is no hidden costs as of now, any how there are auxiliary services which are not on rail, like WhatsApp shopping, those will be provided with an extra tariff as it launches.
We are always available on Email and support ticket platform, there will be a dedicated phone line for you to reach 1800 90909090.

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