Medicine Delivery Application

Medicine Delivery solution

Medicine Delivery Application

The Medicine Delivery App is a game-changer in the healthcare industry. It makes the delivery of medicine easier, more efficient and less costly. The Medicine Delivery App is also a platform for doctors to consult with patients, to educate them on their conditions and prescribe medicine if needed.

We made it simple 

With the touch of a button, you can have your medication delivered to you on demand. We undertake everything technical. Our team takes care of the logistics, customer service and more so that you can focus on life.

We undertake everything technical

The problem with the healthcare industry is that it’s difficult to get access to a doctor or a specialist when you need one. Doctors are overworked and understaffed, and this system is not sustainable. This is where we come in. We have developed this Medicine Delivery App that connects patients with doctors for consultations, diagnoses, prescriptions and treatments. All of this happens on the app on your device or computer screen, so you can get the care you need from anywhere in the world without ever having to leave your home or office.

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Plattero Features in a Nutshell

Fully Branded App

You will get an app under your branding, Everything you wish to bring for your brand can be made over here

On Demand Delivery

Plattero is designed for on delivering items to customers in shortest possible time

Order Management App

Plattero Restaurant app allows you to manage orders right from app with minimum taps

Delivery App available

Delivery boy app is an optional feature giving live tracking against orders

Online Payments

Accept payments via GooglePay, any UPIs, Credit cards and more

App Notifications

Send push notifications to customers to bring more sales and inform offers


Fully loaded Food App.

We help you focus on making money and not worry about the technical details of building your own app. With a hosted platform, you don't need to pay anything upfront. Our team will develop and design a beautiful app for your business, deploy it, and manage it.

Build a mobile app for your food business without having to worry about the backend. We host your app and handle all of development, so you can focus on sales, marketing, and customer engagement.

Fully on AWS Cloud

Your data is safe with worlds best IT Infrastructure service company

Android & iOS apps

Customer apps , fully branded to stand for your brand

No Sales Commission

Your sales is all yours , there is no per sale commission when its plattero

Fully Featured Console

Manage your app from one screen, a full featured web admin will be provided

Demo Restaurant Apps

Try before your buy

Plattero is a ready to go live product for almost any delivery project which demnds on demand delivery or even later delivery. This is can be implemented both as a hosted solution or you can host on your premises/clouds. Instantly post deployment your apps will have all the offered features and can start selling immediately after managing your inventory from the back end. .

Try before your buy
Try before your buy